P2P transfusions small loans, mortgage, trust: the two levers are extended

   P2P collection on the public side funds, as many financial institutions or financial "guest of honor", because it can raise a lot of money, P2P is becoming some kind of financial or blood transfusion by financial institutions the main channel.

South reporter learned from the industry, in addition to cooperation with small loans, trust, P2P has recently started marriage with the pawn, pawn financing supply. But some people in the industry said that, both micro-loans, trust or a pawn, cooperation between the two sides are in fact increase the leverage of cooperation agencies, first of all is the compliance issues that must be addressed. As of right now, regulation seems to turn a blind eye.

P2P together mortgage, trust

early and P2P microfinance companies for cooperation. South reporter recently was informed that, in addition to the micro-credit company, P2P is more and more financing, greater cooperation by financial institutions.

P2P together become the market of traditional pawn another hot spot. South reporter was informed that, recently, new online platforms, through transfer of creditor's rights in Guangzhou way cooperation with the pawn, activate pawn operating funds.

"Guangdong's registered capital is generally not high, capital constraints have hindered the development of the industry, together with the P2P as a pawn to more funding. "Xin Lian said Xu Shiming the South reporter, online, while the pawn of the new registered capital amount is 50 million Yuan level, but many traditional old pawn 10 million ~1500 million, but many civilian pawns of marketing resources are concentrated in the old pawn, the pawn must when sales actually stock is relatively large. Facing the future development of space large civilian markets, pawn shops under the registered capital constraints, it needs the support of adequate funding.

South reporter from new online site to see, new online pawn has reached a cooperation agreement a total of two: one is located in Guangzhou huayang pawn; while the other is Dongguan Changan pawn. Huayang Xie Runquan pawn Business Director, limited by the registered capital, many times to give up some of the extra business, through cooperation with the P2P platform can overcome this limitation.

in addition to pawn shops, there have always been big on P2P payments capabilities of the trust industry. Trust sales slowed markedly this year, fears that slower trust raised funds at risk cases, has participated in a number of local financing platform has platform and financing projects. Different from traditional loans, in the process, P2P platform is not responsible for issuing loans, nor design products and handling of funds but by trusts or companies issuing trust, asset management plan asset management, P2P platform only to sell some shares, act as the agent role, financing and trust, and others are provided by information management company.

in fact, such cooperation has been gradually no longer fresh. Shenzhen, an Internet financial forums in the near future, a fund company's head of Internet financial reporters to South, apart from the P2P companies as the industry already end outside of the guard provides docking money funds, are also considered for funds flow through P2P.

compliance comes into focus

, however, P2P and more traditional financial institutions or financial institutions began to walk faster and closer, compliance-related problems as the focus of attention.

"as financial institutions, financial institutions, has a lever on the original regulation requirements, when P2P cooperation will undoubtedly increase the leverage. "Financial innovation of China Internet Institute researcher Xu Bei reporters to the South.

it is learnt that the clear provisions of the administrative measures on pawn, pawn from the commercial banking units and individuals other than borrowing, or funds, deposits, or deposits in disguised form, which means that these P2P platform for cooperation with the pawn once effective control claim period, pawn will bring risks of raising funds or deposit in a disguised form. In order to circumvent the regulatory compliance issues, P2P platform with the pawn are related and the mode change. Specific provisions of the administrative measures on pawn, not inconceivable when the product may not be sold. And not inconceivable, if goods are concerned, property is not transferred (the claims). And the South in order to avoid regulatory requirements, subject of a new online, transfer of rights in proceeds. In response, Xu Shiming during an interview with the South also admitted that, due to the above-mentioned provisions of administrative measures on pawn, circulation of the currently implemented in P2P platform is the controlling shareholder of the right to return, rather than pawn shops right in proceeds, less involved when ownership issues. Before the item expires, pawn's controlling shareholder buy-back of the project, to ensure financial security.

P2P in cooperation with trust, scholars have also wondered about the trust industry in the process of integration with the P2P platform, although with the latter's resources to expand its sources of funding and the scope of the investment, but still hidden in three areas of risk, the mismatch of risk and maturity mismatch, financial leverage was hugely magnified and legal risks.

However, as of right now, regulation seems to turn a blind eye. In response, Xu bei think, financial institutions, financial institutions are currently belong to different regulators, under financial innovation in Internet regulatory tolerance is relatively high, the basic attitude of the law does not prohibit, and this has accelerated the integration of all.

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