Small business owners: you have to understand the banking rules

in fact, under the current regulatory and macro environment, small and medium enterprises financing through Bank, besides high operational costs, "floating profits" unspoken rules, often encounter a variety of hidden rules. South reporter to interview a number of people in the industry, as you uncover the chaos in the medium and small micro-bank financing. If you're a finance through a Bank of small and micro business owners, then following the unspoken rules you need to know, so eventually when facing the Bank, surprised Miss funding opportunities.



fees indescribable

as mentioned above, banks tend to business after some contact with financing needs, offer a comprehensive financing cost, but the cost is often made up of interest rates and fees. China Internet financial innovation Institute special researcher Xu Bei to South are reporter revealed, except common of financial consultant fee, and commitment loan charges outside, Qian years also has so-called of "survey fee", and "information fee", but with related competent institutions strict check Xia early stopped has, but now common of also has "fast put fee", and "funds transfers fee",, similar loan of cost General is loan amount 1 to 3 a points.

in fact, in addition to those outside of charges levied under various pretexts, to maintain good relations and banks, often through more subtle ways to pay other people. Xu Bei said, because some of China's medium and small micro-companies despite having mortgaged, but loans are subject does not meet the relevant criteria, in this case, some banks credit package will help businesses, but often require or suggest that businesses pay a fee to certain financial intermediaries, can lead to loan transactions, costs will increase by 3 to 6 points of financing costs.


tying emerge

in addition to fees for companies, financed through a Bank, all kinds of tying business as well as the hidden costs of enterprise.

it is learned that this kind of tying the most common deposit requirement. A joint-stock bank credit towards the South says the Bank's intermediate business income though not charge exorbitant, but after obtaining the loan, deposit the Bank support is a must. He said, according to the varying degrees of relationship between new and old customers, and customers with a loan of 10 million Yuan, for example, the Bank required its average daily deposit on the bank account must be up to 2 million-7 million Yuan, while asking in the shop to buy a certain amount of insurance or financial products.

Xu Bei pointed out that, after the part of the Bank for a loan, you cannot lump, also needs to keep a certain amount on the account, with a considerable cash flow each month, clearing business; some still need additional development such as credit cards, Post, wage settlement, and other types of banking business. Invisible increase the burden of capital intensive enterprises, reducing the use of loan funds rate, banks, more comprehensive income.


loan time is difficult to determine

Xu Bei think that, apart from the above items, for SMEs, banks financed the most harmful unspoken rule is that after signing the contract, payment delays, and even cancel, or loan in advance of such actions. "This behavior is highly likely to cause the enterprise capital chain rupture. "Xu Bei, said all procedures including credit, mortgage registration procedures are finished, and gold-hungry business tend to think of lending is expected to, but often encounter postponed indefinitely the lenders time, temporary cancellation of loan contracts, loan in advance. Seen, a joint-stock banks in lending time spent before and after 6 months have not delegated, and finally directly to cancel the loan.

in addition, commercial banks in order to avoid the risk of corporate loans personal loans or business owners, issuing loans up to the one-year maximum. And the one-year loans require repayment subsequent loans, and the repayment time on time, but this time may be just temporary cash flow of enterprises don't work, a lot of small and micro enterprises had to resort to higher external cost of capital "or old credits the new" continued lending. The high cost of "bridge loans" means has become part of the small and medium enterprises have to frequently used methods. But due to the instability of Bank policies, enterprises often encounter after the repayment, from the loan funds borrowing rate at a high level, great burden on enterprises, easy down enterprise. Xu bei said the situation in private lending as "the bridge".

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