P2P loans access to Central Bank credit system

Beijing times News (reporter Gao Chen) journalist yesterday learned from bank credit Center official, the future availability of policy, lending platform for P2P network operations (network credit company to provide a platform for freedom bid by both lenders and borrowers, and match deal) will meet with Central Bank credit system for docking, and technically there is no obstacle.

at present, domestic P2P information is relatively isolated, and other institutions of society unable to query to the borrower in the loan information on platforms, P2P platform nor directly from the Central Bank and Government inquiries into the borrower's credit information.

net credit CEO Xu Hongwei said, for loan risk control, now most of the P2P borrowers dependent on its own bank credit reports submitted; corporate lending, P2P companies often need confirmation of the site, which increases costs and risks.

Xu Hongwei further pointed out that, although this model in net lending industry more generally, but individuals need to institutions such as the people's Bank report on the one hand, increases the cost of procedures and of the borrower; in addition, borrower credit report available online reprint Edition, not the possibility of excluding some applicants provide false materials. For online lending platform, and to audit the authenticity of these reports, increased labor costs.

several P2P networks and loan company said, by NFCS (with Central Bank backed Shanghai credit company established the first national network of financial credit system) and P2P access to Central Bank credit is expected to take two steps, namely Shanghai credit for online lending platform data collection, which included preparation for Central Bank credit.

yesterday, the Central Bank credit Center official told reporters, on the premise of policy allows, P2P will be incorporated into the Central Bank credit. A few days ago, bank credit Center official publicly made clear that NFCS was technically took part fully in accordance with Central Bank credit system, back office centralized in the future, the front desk customer service done by the Shanghai credit. This is the first time the "two step" is clearly established.

analysis of credit industry experts pointed out that, in accordance with the provisions of the regulations on the management of credit, credit institutions shall, in accordance with the provisions of the business credit reporting system provides credit information to the Central Bank. As a shared platform between the various lending institutions, small loans (including microfinance company based on e-commerce platform), P2P NET loans, determined by the CBRC in credit business institutions and the approval of the other institutions engaged in the lending business, bank credit system can be done in an orderly and effective inclusion. Meanwhile, starting from the service lenders, to help determine the credit status of the borrower's credit information, public information, policy allowed, the technically feasible and cost effective under credit system also can explore the collection, improve credit service levels.

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