First half of 2014 of Guangdong's financial market

2014, the province continue to keep healthy and rapid development of the financial industry, the financial sector has reached about 19 trillion yuan in total assets, achieve financial added value of 177.263 billion yuan in the province in the first half, an increase of 10.6%. Until the end of June 2014, banking institutions and foreign currency deposits in the province totaled 12,818,955,000,000 trillion yuan, an increase of 13.18%, foreign currency loans totaled 8,142,260,000,000 trillion yuan, an increase of 12.41%, loan 63.5%. 393 of listed companies in the province, "new Board" listed company 68, new home several ranking first in the country. Achieved premium income of 128.8 billion yuan in the first half, an increase of 23.18%. Local finance, the province's total rural Bank 43, rural commercial banks 27, 423 microcredit companies, financing companies, 361.

through financial means to raise funds through various channels, social finance in the province reached 840.1 billion yuan in the first half, 7.9% per cent nationwide, ranking second in the provinces, and shown good momentum of each quarter. A credit support has intensified. Medium and long-term loans totaled 4.87 trillion yuan, an increase of 37.8 billion yuan over last year, the construction industry, real estate and other key construction credit growth as high as 21.3% and 13.3% respectively. Second is the "insurance capital into Guangdong", the introduction of insurance funds expanded rapidly. This year, the province today introduced Insurance Fund of 43 billion yuan, the total reached 59.3 billion yuan, is expected to reach 100 billion yuan this year. Among them, Guangdong (PICC) northwest of East Guangdong development equity fund, PICC-debt investment plan, China life of Guangdong Expressway (Guangzhou) industrial investment fund for urban development the introduction of risk capital size of up to 6 billion yuan, 15 billion yuan, 14 billion yuan. Three are held by financial institutions, to support Northwest Guangdong development equity fund project matching financial cooperation, cultural development and docking docking, financial integration of science and technology development coordination, highway project financing and other large finance joint activities, accumulated for construction of major projects in key areas of our province signed credit amount exceeds 200 billion yuan. Four effective use of overseas funds. First half of this year, the province's cross-border renminbi settlement business scale achieved 1.33 trillion yuan, jumped 64.7% to achieve cross-border net inflows of $ 75 billion, of which a net inflow of $ 30 billion from Hong Kong. Meanwhile, former Marine two-way cross-border loans reached 40 billion yuan, and is expected to exceed 50 billion yuan this year, a former Marine and hengqin cumulative approved to issue renminbi bonds in Hong Kong reached 4.5 billion yuan.

financial support for small and micro enterprises, "three agriculture" in key areas and weak links in the field effect. First half of this year, the province's small micro-enterprise loans totaled 1.35 trillion yuan, compared with growth of 12.2% and 2% higher than total corporate loan growth; County-area loans rose 19.1%, agriculture-related loans rose 19.7%, 6.7, 7.3%, higher than the province respectively. In addition, the loans balance of the Eastern, Western and North respectively an increase of 18%, 18.5% and 18.8%, respectively, 5.6, 6.1 and 6.4% in the province.

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