Banks involved in the P2P game innovation or dishonest?

at present, the P2P network lending platform to run continuously, risk is obvious, swaying forward amid the controversy. Although regulators have emphasized to impose regulatory system, however, its popularity has not decreased at all. Some big capital actually start join the P2P game.

China Merchants Bank, China Development Bank, China Minsheng Bank, contractor Bank and Huaxia Bank have killed in this area in the near future, stir the P2P game. Meanwhile, reports that the State-owned capital, listed companies are beginning to dabble in P2P networks, such as the loan.

essentially, P2P network credits are only borrowing moved to below the line on a Web platform. Entirely born out of offline grassroots, grass-roots is by its very nature. Compared with traditional offline private lending, progress is: P2P NET loans gave borrowers a public network platform, lending and borrowing sides match the information more transparent, open, efficient and timely manner.

in the strict sense of the term, loan does not belong to the true meaning of P2P network or standardization of the Internet finance. Because of its customers long-term accumulation of production and operation throughout, activities of daily living, such as a complete data base, failed to get mining analysis of both lenders and borrowers credit standing, making it impossible to use financial means on credit to get on the Internet with a view to preventing financial risks.

P2P NET loans in China was severe alienation and distorted. This is the P2P network root causes of credit risk is obvious, and run continuously. P2P network property loan borrowing is to provide information, build a platform. Now evolved into the P2P network platform itself provides collateral loan, even P2P network platform itself absorbing funds, pools of loans, and loans. Has been suspected of illegally absorbing deposits, illegal fund-raising, and illegal bank loans. Brewing behind the key financial risk is very large.

Bank as a financial business in particular deposits and loans, payment and financial institutions and financial products business, is the social mainstream of financial transactions, in particular savings and loan businesses. Absorbing funds in deposit, loan disbursement of funds to help customers finance intermediate business, everything, is a legitimate, confidently conduct business compliance. Why should "six fingers Tickle, a child" to engage in grass-roots financial property of P2P network credit? Their holding a complete off-the-shelf, not to find ways to make better use of the financial means, and credits this almost arrested for loansharking to P2P network tool? Banks should participate in public borrowing, which puzzle do not backwards?

banks should speed up the pace of reform of the internal system, in particular the revised loan system is seriously out of the level of economic development and financial counterparties claims death rules. Good faith support the credit needs of business entities in the real economy, social, business and Bank to the benefit of a win-win result. Rather than rush this, engaged in P2P network credits "dishonest".

financial banks want to get into the Internet, it should be down starting from the very basics. Or live like China Construction Bank, the do do a similar "good financial business" e-commerce platforms, accumulated financial counterparty data, engaging in real Internet financial services, this is the trend, all banks must take the step. Cooperation with the enterprise e-commerce platform, such as the recent 7 banks cooperation with Alibaba Octopus platform to export medium and small micro-enterprise loans. Enterprise data via the Internet, and development of their own Internet banking business.

loans of State-owned capital into P2P network is completely wide of the mark, and shares of listed companies, or directly create a P2P net lending platform is doing nothing. The fundamental reason lies in strong companies, "not bad money". For listed companies, whether financing or bank loans in the secondary market is almost everything and is a bit loose, and financing of, to use nearly unchecked. It's listed companies are keen to engage in "money begets money" business is based.

banks and State-owned capital and credit of listed companies involved in P2P network will greatly push up financing costs for society as a whole, exacerbate financing problems of medium and small micro-enterprises; increased economic and financial risks as a whole; disrupting financial order in mainland China.

must adhere to the fundamentals of P2P online lending platform grass, useful complement to the complementary nature of informal finance. Meanwhile, regulators should be promulgated as soon as possible, lending platform for P2P network regulation, which prohibited banks, State-owned capital and credit of listed companies involved in P2P network should be one of the important contents.

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