Internet financial set sail farewell brutal growth of new financial Forum in Guangzhou

in 2014, Internet banking will undoubtedly become the most popular keywords. With the development of Internet technology, financial innovation are endless, the next ten years, traditional industry and first encountered the greatest impact from the Internet's "spoiler".

take "Internet banking" rise trend, Sohu finance 2014 "new economic and financial" Summit Forum • Guangzhou station will be held July 30 at 13 o'clock in Guangzhou sunrich held three-story Grand Ballroom, on the theme "Finance – say goodbye to wild growth of the Internet."

the rapid development of Internet financial, impact not just in banking services, but also impact on the regulators regarding regulation of financial innovation. Third party payment, P2P industry with the rapid development of Internet finance and growing scale, also give regulators new regulatory challenges. Discussion of financial supervision and guidance of the Internet coming, advice on how to define the boundaries of Internet financial, what new regulatory demands on P2P, how to treat payments industry development, will have a new impact. Lunch guests one by one as you read.

this statement to participants of the Forum included the Prime Minister has just attended an informal discussion of Central Lujiazui international finance Research Institute Deputy Director Liu Sheng Jun, Guangdong's financial Office Director Liu Wentong. Guangdong Development Bank and ping an Bank conventional financial industry representatives.

Internet financial company is not absent. Appropriate, into all 360, loan, money, Le coin company will also share their thoughts and experiences. Registration of audience reach of thousands of people, with media across the country, investment consultants and practitioners of microfinance companies, financial entrepreneurs and researchers on the Internet. Forum financial development in southern China will combine the Internet, around the "risk management", "innovation" and "regulation" in depth and to explore multiple topics.

round table discussion will focus on the following aspects of the Forum.

1. the real skinny: risk life and death

around risk control, Internet innovation model of how the financial industry will be born? For financial products, Internet financial risks and how different pricing power? If you face the same regulatory requirements, financial firms but also by virtue of what the Internet did better than traditional financial institutions? Future full of imagination, but the way how to go?

2. the ideal fullness: the innovation way to

Internet how can financial innovation? When institutional shortcomings of trapped blood vessels of traditional finance to the real economy, the Internet can financial innovation, forging endless blood out to the real economy? Innovators how to serve the real economy? Huge financial's real economy will give the Internet what a great business opportunity?

3. regulatory unknown, P2P of future to

in Internet financial tide in the, P2P is most flourish of branch, but run news constantly, regulatory gradually strengthening, in external of guess in the, funds pool, and term wrong distribution and so on means by limited, P2P or will returned to initially of information platform, large of practitioners, and many hope into this a industry of coveted who, concern this a field of investors are in waiting for regulatory measures of introduced, because this will decided this industry of space and to , Until everything is clear, practitioners and investors will be looking at the key issues?

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