P2P defined as "individual to individual"

Internet financial regulatory guidance, once issued, net loans (P2P) industry will be most directly affected. Due to the regulatory vacuum, P2P industry rapid development of chaos, and boss fled there.

the Central Bank convenes discussion of this on the industry in promoting the healthy development of Internet financial guidance for, to standardize the operation of P2P has given positive encouragement. Clear operating principles of P2P is "individual to individual", has been banned from pool business.

in this regard, an industry analysis, "individual to individual" meanings, should include both personal lending to individuals, including personal loans for small and micro-enterprises. After P2P set the tone for banks, one thing is clear is that the individual bids for the big institutions would be inconsistent with the regulatory direction.

securities times, the investigation found that satisfy the "individual to individual", "no pool" P2P platforms required by many, such as Pat Moss, and one loan, all credit. Pat credits directly copy the United States model, online and investment per capita come from the borrower. Enrichment for all, Pat the loan on the basis of increased localized security companies to provide security model.

currently P2P company operation mode more, according to Internet financial advisory institutions 0 one financial of classification, main has pure line Shang mode as took took loan, claims transfer mode as should be letter, guarantees mortgage mode as Lu Jin by, and open Xin loan, O2O (line Shang to line Xia) mode as benefit network, and banks network, P2B (Internet voted financing service platform) mode as love investment, mixed mode as everyone loan. In these models, some platforms more complete disclosure, and some platforms incited because of lack of transparency.

what is P2P pools of capital issues, the conventional understanding of the industry, depends on whether investors and borrowers, one by one, if the investor's funds loaned to the borrower or a specific project, then there would be no pool. If this is the standard, some of the investor funds have no knowledge of P2P platforms may need to be adjusted.

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