P2P platform risk reserves or into the mainstream

recent disclosures of the CBRC on P2P platform "to the security of" regulatory thinking, many platforms have started to consider cancellation of guarantee. It is understood that more than 90% secured P2P platform. Industry insiders said, now platform to guarantee is still difficult, but some platforms have already started preparing to cancel the guarantees in favour of risk reserves, this could be the future of mainstream models.

in addition, the reporter was informed that the Central Bank is likely to be issued for financial documents for the development of the Internet, but had once surmised P2P regulatory rules in the industry next year is more likely.

security is still difficult

in a recent public address, CBRC Vice Chairman yan said the CBRC study on P2P regulations will be introduced as soon as possible, most pools mostly can't make money, nor to what security company. Basic P2P has determined the future of the industry regulatory agency is the China Banking Regulatory Commission, this means that if in accordance with the regulatory, P2P company to guarantee will become a trend in the future.

"now more than 90% of online lending platform is secured", all Moss CEO Xu Jianwen told reporters that "the platform is nothing but its own security, while some take the form of third-party guarantees. "

Xu Jianwen agreed with P2P platform to guarantee, for this will help break implicit guarantees and the establishment of market risk pricing. "However, the guarantee is still very difficult for P2P. From an investor's point of view, in the present context no monitoring, cohabitation, investors do not have the ability to identify risk. Investors themselves to judge the risk of the borrower can't do today, tomorrow do not, do not get implemented in future. "

he believes that if investors are independent to identify risks, need developed credit market. First, the construction of personal credit system must be improved, but there is not a perfect credit score system; second, there was little need to do consumer finance and consumer credits of independent third-party credit reporting agencies to provide relevant risk assessment.

in fact, both third-party guarantees or guarantees platform itself are at risk. Ma analysis, lead researcher of the net loan, if the borrower is late, the security company does not pay on time, P2P platform in a very awkward, final loss is the platform of the brand. In addition, if a platform large overdue, not excluding the platform give the guarantee company, continues to mark new or old.

2P regulation:

risk reserves or become the mainstream

in the supervision of China Banking Regulatory Commission to guarantee after it has been disclosed, had to create a "secured mode" red green venture capital recently said it had to cancel the guarantee, ready to adopt the model of the risk reserve and handed over to the bank deposit.

good credit CEO Wang Suihong believes that P2P will emphasize two points of regulation in the future, the first platform information intermediaries cannot touch the money, funds will be paid by a third party company or Bank to regulate; the second risk reserves, security has been taken to protect the interests of investors. "This means that the risk reserve models are likely to become mainstream in the future. ”

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